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Star Piks F.A.Q.


How soon after sending in my payment will I receive my order?

   Normally, I can get an order out within the same week that I receive it. However please keep in mind (especially around holidays) that it really does depend on how many orders are ahead of yours. All orders are created in the chronological order that they are received in the mailbox.

   That’s what’s meant by first come, first served: Orders ahead of yours will have to be completed first out of fairness to those customers who already have an order in-house. Best bet? Try to plan as far ahead as possible. Order accordingly to avoid disappointment.


Does StarPiks take credit cards or Pay Pal?

   No. I don’t take any form of payment except PayPal. Why? Because of the accompanying fees needed to process credit cards, this would add considerably to the cost of the picks. I want these little works of art to be as affordable as possible for as many people as possible.


How will my order ship, and can it be tracked?

   Through U.S. Mail. Standard shipping for up to three picks is $1.00, but unfortunately can’t be tracked. While there’s never been a problem sending orders in this fashion, I recommend having the order sent back to you by Priority Mail w/Delivery Confirmation, especially if it’s a gift. This method holds the post office accountable should anything go amiss, can be tracked 24/7 on www.usps.com, and is a very small cost to provide peace of mind!

    Priority Mail w/Delivery Confirmation is a bargain at only $6.00 in addition to the cost of the pick(s). Overnight Mail is $17.00 International Mail starts at approximately $12.00 (to most countries, but can’t be tracked) trackable international mail starts at approximately $25.00. The cost is calculated on what Province and/or Country the envelope is going to from Tucson, Arizona.


How will I know StarPiks got my order?

    I email my customers as soon as possible to let them know their envelope arrived here. I email again when the order goes out, and include the tracking number if sent in that fashion. I too track each order, daily on the net. No order ever goes into the “completed” file until I know for certain that it’s reached the intended destination. I’m very vigilant about this.


I’d like to speak directly with someone at StarPiks, ‘cause I have questions.

   Absolutely! Mine is a very unique art form. This is very much a “one-on-one” art. Questions are always welcome! I’m dedicated to creating exactly what my customers want. There are no silly questions. NEVER feel that asking questions is a bother, ‘cause it most certainly is NOT. The number on my website, (520) 889-7161 is my home phone number. If I’m not available, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I live in Tucson Arizona, so when calling, please keep in mind time differences, and we don’t do Daylight Saving time here in Arizona.


I’m not a musician, however this is a gift for someone that is, or aspires to be. What gauge pick should I order?

   That’s a tough question. Why? I’ve had beginners as well as the pros order the thick pick (.030”) and NOT use a thin one (.010”) to start out with and vice versa. Rule of thumb? If the pick is going to be worn on a necklace AND used to play with, I recommend ordering either the medium; (.020”) or heavy (.030”) and no, and the “heavy” doesn’t weigh very much.

   Why order a heavier gauge? Both medium and heavy picks give a nice “drape” to the way the chain and pick lay on one’s neck. The thin pick doesn’t have as nice a drape because it’s very light…so get two, one to use and one to wear AND play with! One option would be to order a pick with the chain and swivel clasp. This “multi-functional” gift gives my customers more value for their dollars. Why? Because one can either use the pick to play with, and/or wear it a as a unique piece of jewelry. It can be removed and put back on in a flash…and not get lost!

   In addition, if one wants to wear a pendant other than a pick that day, the stylish swivel clasp & chain combo lets one change to a different pendant in an instant. I offer the swivel clasps-in both sterling silver AND in heavy silver plate-to give my customers options. Same with my chains. I offer stainless steel (cable chain w/clasp) and sterling silver (a nice “dot-dash” design). See photos on my site.



Do you offer gift boxes?

   Yes! They fit the picks beautifully, are very attractive and make a nice presentation. I have silver foil boxes for the silver, titanium and steel picks and gold foil boxes for the gold picks. Some folks like to wrap them, but the little boxes are very nice just as is. No extra charge for these. They are free. Please indicate if you’d like one on the order form when sending in an order.


Do I have to use an order form?

   To be honest, it’s the best course of action. Why? While I can indeed take an order over the phone, it won’t be shipped until payment is received. If artwork and/or lettering is involved, that, plus all customers’ pertinent information (name, shipping address, phone number, email address, date needed, special instructions and so forth) will be right there on the order form in front of me. It saves both of us valuable time and money. It saves going back and forth to the computer to see what’s needed, and calling back and forth, unless necessary.


Do you engrave both sides?

   Yes. There are spaces on all order forms for what’s desired on both sides of the picks. There’s no extra charge for engraving both sides.


Do I have to supply the artwork?

   Yes. Since all my work is custom-engraved, its up to the individual to supply all artwork. Each order form has spaces in which to put the artwork desired, or one can email the artwork to me as a jpeg. Camera-ready artwork is preferable, but I have the talent to work with just about anything.


Do you/can you add coloring to the picks? I’ve seen what looks like a “tint” to them in the photos on your site?

   No colors have been added.  All picks are their respective metals’ natural colors. What is seen in the photos is the metal picking up the ambient lighting in the room and the colors reflected therein. I don’t add any coloring whatsoever. Any paint or enamel added would come off very quickly with use and/or wear.


So there’s NO color to the picks at all?

   All picks are their own natural coloring-just highly polished by me.  Stainless steel is the natural color of steel though highly polished to a bright mirror finish. It looks like silver due to my expertise in polishing.

   The sterling silver picks are of course, the color of natural sterling silver. These too are highly polished to a mirror finish. The solid gold picks are the signature shade of 14K gold-also highly polished. The titanium picks are the exception. Their color is a muted shade. Even though the surface looks “bumpy” or grainy, it’s not. The titanium picks are polished mirror-smooth. I’d describe titanium’s color as a beautiful hybrid between silver and gold.

   Besides, any coloring added to any of the picks would cover up the engraved details.


How many words or letters can fit on a pick?

   Approximately no more than 8 or 9 characters across the widest spot. If the pick is to be drilled so a chain can be installed, even more space is lost. Since a guitar pick is such a small item, roughly one and one eighth inches across at the widest point, and approximately one and one quarter inches high, it’s tough to say exactly how many letters (or words) will fit due to different sizing of different fonts.

   Plus, most picks taper to a point. This taper doesn’t allow much space for engraving. One doesn’t want TOO many letters or words; otherwise, the lettering will look “cluttered” and be very hard to read. Please keep in mind “spaces” are considered characters as well. I can “stack” lettering, but again, space is very limited.

   What type fonts are offered?

If it’s in Windows, I can do it. No MAC fonts are available as I use only PC’s. I have literally hundreds of fonts but inevitably; there will be ones that I don’t have. If that occurs, I’ll contact you immediately and with you’re your assistance, work toward a solution.


What’s the most popular font to engrave? I need ideas!

   Without exception, “Monotype Corsiva,”  “Lucida Calligraphy,” and “Brush Script MT” are hands down favorites. For weddings, graduations, “congratulations,” any occasion, these are the favorites.   

Why? They’re formal enough for any occasion, but don’t look “stuffy,” or “busy,” have clean, flowing lines, and are easy to read. My gentleman customers tell me they favor these fonts because they don’t look effeminate or “foo-foo.”


Can you engrave anything?

  Almost! I’m a firm believer in freedom of speech, and nothing is censored here. Not images, graphics, nor wording. However, please keep in mind that I absolutely cannot engrave logos or names that are copyrighted. For instance, like the logo for the Chicago Bears, or a band’s name, like Judas Priest, or Disturbed. I have Savatage’s, Trans-Siberian Orchestra's and Circle 2 Circle's blessing to engrave their logo, as I work with and FOR those bands. Copyright infringement is a felony, and I have integrity. I would never sacrifice the good reputation of my company that I’ve worked hard to build up for the last 30 years just to make a sale. I cannot engrave things of that sort without the express written consent of the band, company, or organization.


Is the engraving done by hand or pantograph?

By hand. I’ve been in business since 1978 and have been engraving since then. I don’t use a pantograph. All lettering is done entirely by hand. While I can engrave any lettering and have a very steady hand, my forte is designs. Commercial places like “Things Remembered” or “Things Engraved” do very good work, but are very limited as far as fonts and/or graphics. They cannot produce the intricately detailed and textured art that I can.

   I’ve got an extensive background in art. I also have many years experience working in machine shops and with metalworking. I too, am a guitarist, have played for years and love music. When I combined the disciplines, StarPiks was born.


In the tradition of my ancestors…

   Since the dawn of time, when Native American Peoples across this great nation created utilitarian objects and tools for daily use, they often decorated them…beautifully!

   I strive to do the same with my art. Here, the everyday guitar pick is cut, shaped and polished, entirely by hand one at a time. Then it’s exquisitely engraved to my customer’s exact specs. In this manner, I carry on the tradition of making an everyday utilitarian object and then decorating it…beautifully! 

 And the sound they help one achieve when they are used?