Titanium Order Form

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Quantity: __________
With Stainless Steel Chain (Yes/No): __________
Thickness Thin (.016"), Medium (.022"): __________
Sterling Silver Chain (Yes/No): __________
Sterling Silver Swivel Clasp (Yes/No) __________
Silver Plated Swivel Clasp (Yes/No): __________
Engraving (Yes/No): __________
In the box below, trace an outline of the pick

In the boxes below, draw graphic or write text desired.
I will size it to fit the pick as closely as possible.

Draw Outline of Shape & Size Desired Or, Choose From Choices Below:

Engraving Desired On Front Of Pick


Engraving Desired On Back Of Pick


Place "X" next to desired shape, if not draw custom shape above.
Standard Shape: _________
Large Triangle Shape (Bass Pick): _________

Font style desired:

Lucida Calligraphy, Monotype Corsiva, etc.



Pick with engraving (on one or both sides):

Pick with engraving & Stainless Steel Chain: $50.00
Sterling Silver Chain: $30.00
Sterling Silver Swivel Clasp: $20.00
Heavy Silver Plated Swivel Clasp: $15.00
Priority Shipping in USA: $6.00 with
delivery confirmation
(for up to 3 picks)
International Shipping:  Contact us for price!

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